Sky’s Edge

“Sky’s Edge”
Aviary Gallery
Christine Atkinson and Lucy Baird
July 7th – July 28th
Opening Reception: July 7, 6 PM – 9 PM

The interdisciplinary works of Atkinson and Baird are located within the instability and flux of light, space and perception. Sky’s Edge is a collection of works that fall as much with in the language photography as they do in opposition to it. Moving between the internal and the external they do not locate light, but instead explore its possibility as space, color and time. Both Baird and Atkinson’s work is slippery, at times appearing to be illusion and at others representation, never quite willing to be resolved. Playing not only with the way color and form shift between dimensions in physical space, but also within each individual’s mind. How we each understand what is presented to us is deeply unstable, we have agency over what we see, and ultimately your red is not the same as mine.

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